Trauma and surgical care for patients in the ICU are an integral part of education. Therefore, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences tried to set up a Trauma Center. Trauma Research Center formally began its work with the president of Dr. Shahram Bolandparvaz on 2 February 2007 after received of agreement letter from Research and Technology of Ministry of Health and Medical Education.
Published Articles 2014
1.Clinical and economic effects of selective radiological evaluation of high-energy trauma patients: a prospective experience of a level 1 busy trauma centre
2.Giant Scrotal Lymphoedema
3.Lumbar Disk Herniation Surgery: Outcome and Predictors
4.Benchmarking, a new method for developing an educational curriculum for respiratory therapy courses in medical schools
5.Mortality Analysis of Patients with Paraquat Poisoning Treated at Two University Hospitals in Shiraz, Iran
6.Types and Causalities in Dead Patients Due to Traumatic Injuries
7.Investigation of science production in Iran’s type I universities of medical sciences, a 6-year assessment
8.Obstacles to Research in Medical Sciences in Iran
9.Early versus late surgical decompression for traumatic thoracic/thoracolumbar (T1-L1) spinal cord injured patients
10.Buerger's disease in the northeast of Iran: Epidemiology and clinical features
11.Effects of Intravenous Fluid Therapy on Clinical and Biochemical Parameters of Trauma Patients
12.Potential Risk Factors of Death in Multiple Trauma Patients
13.Illicit Drug Abuse in Drivers of Motor Vehicle Collisions
14.Outcome of Patients Underwent Emergency Department Thoracotomy and Its Predictive Factors
15.Learning operational strategies in surgery training
16.Prognostic Factors of Depression in Patients With Cancer Undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
17.Early abdominal closure for open abdomens
18.Chemotherapy-Induced Perforation of Gastric Burkitt Lymphoma; A Case Report and Review of the Literature
19.Perihepatic Packing versus Primary Surgical Repair in Patients with Blunt Liver Trauma; an 8-year Experience





Trauma Research Center, Shahid Rajaee (Emtiaz) Trauma Hospital, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.

Published Articles 2015
1-Knowledge and Practice of People toward their Rights in Urban Family Physician Program: A Population‑Based Study in Shiraz, Southern Iran
2-Clinical and Laboratory Characteristics of Pediatric Scorpion Stings A Report From Southern Iran
3-Clinical and economic effects of selective radiological evaluation of high-energy trauma patients: a prospective experience of a level 1 busy trauma centre
4-Correlation between Success Rates of Cardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation and the Educational Level of the Team Leader; A Cross-Sectional Study
5-Evaluation and Reconstruction of Alzahrawi’s Puncturing Instruments
6-The effect of CoolClot hemostatic agent on skin wound healing in rats
7-Comparison of c-Kit expression between primary and metastatic melanoma of skin and mucosa
8-Intestinal seromuscular tunneling: a novel method for ureteral replacement—an experimental design
9-Buerger’s disease in the northeast of Iran: Epidemiology and clinical features
10-Cervical Ligamentum Flavum Hematoma: A Case Report
11-Evaluation of the Reasons Affecting the Improvement of the Patients with Heart Failure in Shiraz Namazi Hospital
12-Evaluation of Patients Referred to Shiraz -Namazi Hospital Emergency Department after Performing the Healthcare Reform Plan in 2015
13-Administration of Intravenous Infliximab for Prevention of Peritoneal Adhesions Formation in Rats
14-The Effect of Blood Loss in the Presence and Absence of Severe Soft Tissue Injury on Hemodynamic and Metabolic Parameters; an Experimental study
15-Tube Thoracostomy (Chest Tube) Removal in Traumatic Patients: What Do We Know? What Can We Do?
16-Necessity of Defining Different Transfusion Protocols for Different Kinds of Trauma Injuries
17-Predictive Potential of Heart Rate Complexity Measurement: An Indication for Laparotomy Following Solid Organ Injury
18-Survey of Poly Fibrinogen Levels in Patients With Major Blunt Trauma
19-The Evolution of a Malignancy Risk Prediction Model for Thyroid Nodules Using the Artificial Neural Network
20-A comparative study of teaching clinical guideline for prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia in two ways: face-to-face and workshop training on the knowledge and practice of nurses in the Intensive Care Unit
21-Do-NOT-Resuscitate Order: A Lacuna in Critical Care in Iran
22-Adherence of Academic Radiologists in a Non‑English Speaking Imaging Center to the BI‑RADS Standards of Reporting Breast MRI
23-The Diagnostic Value of Surface Markers in Acute Appendicitis; A Diagnostic Accuracy Study
24-Prediction of Depression in Cancer Patients With Different Classification Criteria, Linear Discriminant Analysis versus Logistic Regression
25-Advanced Cancer Screening Course: An Offer to Improve the Quality of Cancer Education