1-Acute limb ischemia prognosis prediction by venous blood biochemical assay

2-Evaluation of prognosis in the blunt abdominal trauma patients with unexplained free fluid in Sonography and CT-Scan in Rajaee Hospital in 1389

3-The comparison of diagnostic accuracy of CT-Scan and fluoroscopy after inducing contrast agent to pelural cavity for diagnosis of diaphragmatic rupture after penetrating thoraco-abdominal trauma

4-The correlation between cardiopulmonary resuscitation success rate and educational degree of CPR head team

5-Study of punica gel effect in skin excision of diabetic male wistar rat

6-Motor vehicle accident’s risk factors

7-A comparison of adipo coutaneous flap and simple closure in the surgical management of pilonidal sinus

8-Contributing factors in inducing pilondial cyst

9-Evaluation of abnormal findings in chest X-ray of high energy multiple trauma patients without thoracic sign and symptom in Nemazi Hospital 1387

10-Efficacy of propronalol to decrease the wound healing time in burn patients

11-Evaluation of changes in blood pressure, central vein pressure & intraocular pressure during increased intraabdominal pressure in ICU admitted trauma patients

12-Study of incidence and prognostic factors of intra abdominal hypertension and abdominal compartment syndrome in ICU-admitted trauma patients at Shiraz Namazee Hospital

13-The efficacy of cardiopulmonary resuscitation based on discharge rate and return of spontaneous circulation in Southern Iran

14-Evaluation of the modified dressing pack in decrease the rebleeding after pack removal in high grade liver trauma in animal model

15-Study of Albusite gel effect in skin excision of diabetic male wistar rat

16-Studying the Factors that Effect on Nonoperative Management of Intraperitoneal Bleeding in Traumatic Blunt Hepatic and Splenic Adult patients in Namzi Hospital in 2009-2010

17-Management and Prognosis of Trauma Patients Using Non-linear Data Analysis of Chaotic Heart Rate

18-Evaluation of infusion of 1000 cc n/s on cvp and base deficitin trauma patient, admited in surgical ICU in shahid rajaee hospital. in summer 1390

19-Comparison between perihepatic packing and surgical repair in treatment of Blunt liver trauma in 1385-1390 years in Shiraz nemazee hospital
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